Friday, January 29, 2010

Shibuya Exploring


By the way guys, I'm posting this directly from my cell phone, which I fugured out how to do. sweeet! Today after school I wandered around Shibuya for a bit. In shibuya, there are several things you must see:
1) The dog statue
2) the crosswalk
3) the food show
Now, of course, I made this list up. There's definitely a lot more to see in Shibuya besides this. But these were the things I was *most excited* to see.

Above you will see the cross walk, made famous by many movies and TV shows. It is an iconic image of Tokyo. This view is from the 3rd floor Starbucks that is part of a 6-floor multimedia store. With 1 whole floor of manga! I need to hurry up and learn to read Japanese.

This is also where the shot from Lost in Translation comes from. You might remember, the filmmakers couldn't get official approval for a shot of this crosswalk, so they just took their camera up to the Starbucks and perched it at the window seat. Guerrilla film-making for the win!

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