Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mou Ichidou, Onegaishimasu

Some cell phone pictures. I've been e-mailing these and many more out! Want to see anything specific? Let me know and I'll send it to you.

The lonely vending machine. There are about 20 vending machines within a 100-meter radius of my dorm. This one is positioned in a parking lot. It's creepy (and eerily inviting) at night.

Shinjuku Station on my way home. Shinjuku-eki is CRAZY during rush hour, and this isn't even it. People line up neatly to get on the train.

Making a mushroom parley omelette on my new, 100-yen frying pan.

This is my dinner from Mos Burger, the most delicious fast-food chain ever. It's pretty posh for fast food, and more expensive, but even so. This meal was only around 650 yen. And White Grape Soda! sugoi oishii!

In other news, I played with Japanese Schoolchildren today. We drew pictures and flew kites. I attached myself to a very nice girl called Yuuna-chan. When we left at the end of the day she took my hand and we walked part of the way home together.

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