Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So shopping in Tokyo is pretty awesome. Everything here, while expensive, is of great quality and style. From clothes to groceries to nerdy things, it's about the same across the board. I've been spending a lot of my free time getting off the train at the popular stations and exploring. This mostly devolves into me eating and window shopping, so that's what I'm going to blog about!

First off, we went to Akihabara (Akiba), the "Electronics District!" It's famous for it's comprehensive and cheap collection of electronics and hig-tech knick-knacks, as well as the strange and exciting world of the "otaku." There are maid cafes, toy, anime, and cosplay shops, and hundreds of nerdy hidey holes all around, as well as some pretty amazing arcades.

Above and below (2) are costumes from a cosplay shop from one of my favorite video games, Persona 4. They were beautifully crafted, and therefore VERY expensive. For the low low price of about 26000 yen ($270ish) you, too, can look like you go to school in Inaba! Awesome!

This store was basically your go-to cosply store. They had tons and tons of pre-made costumes, and also had generic school girl/boy costumes, cosplay sewing kits, knick-knacks, and base pieces to build off of. I was THIS CLOSE to buying a Japanese schoolgirl bathing suit. I still might get one. They're so form flattering! :D

This is from a different store that had vintage anime toys (like classic Sailor Moon dolls and accessories!!!), but they also had some killer cosplay wigs and outfits, like this Card Captor Sakura classic!

THERE WERE DOLLS EVERYWHERE. Dolls that were pre-painted, dolls for you to do yourself, doll wigs, doll outfits, EVERYWHERE YOU TURN: DOLLS. TERRIFYING.

The vintage toy store also sold these cels from classic animes. They are WONDERFUL but also do you see that Princess Mononoke one going for 126000 yen?! YOWZA.

Nearby there was a WIG SHOP! And you could try them on in any color and style! SO COOL. The cheap ones are 1500 yen, so really not too bad. Way nicer and less expensive than in the US. They were AWESOMEEEE. I tried on like 3.

At the cosplay store was this BEAUTIFUL Lina Inverse costume. It was perfect, right down to the detail on the collar. Wow.

Later we went to the Taito arcade. They had DDR, Taiko Drums, Drum Hero, FPSes, and a game where you sit in this huge capsule cockpit and pilot a virtual Gundam! Awesome! Also there were purikura (photobooths) everywhere inside, and you could rent costumes, for full-body photos if you wanted to cosplay! Too bad it was girls only!

Dave drumming it up!

Speaking of shopping, look at this cute shirt I bought!

In Shinjuku there is this unassuming little shop that houses amazing amazing things, like these dresses from Excentrique. LET'S TAKE A LOOK SHALL WE?

The downstairs of this store looked like a Japanese Atomic Pop! There were tons of artist's original works and such, lots of vinyl toys, that sort of thing. Pretty cool. I felt right at home.

Then I saw these: hankies with artist's original prints on them, selling for 500 yen! What a great idea says I! Art Market, anyone? They were really sassy, let me tell you.


SPECIALTY SHOPS, LIKE THIS LOLITA SHOP! We aren't supposed to take pictures of any merchandise, but you can get away with almost anything if you are foreign and say like "OH I'M SO SORRY" in really obvious English. This store had A TRILLION FRILLY PRINCESS DRESSES AND THINGS TO GO WITH THEM. Ohhhhh it was heaven. And there were like 3 of these stores in this building.

There was also an amazing kimono store. They're very classy. There are so many things to go with kimono, and the girls wearing them look so fabulous. Bigtime jealous.

OMG WANT THESE BOOTS. No way for 12600 yen though. :( I got some more different khaki-colored cowboy boots at a thrift store here for 1500 yen. Beat that!

OH PS In Harajuku there is this store called BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT which you may remember from such films as Kamikazi Girls and MY LIFE. It was wonderful. Sweet loli is the best loli. UGH SO MANY DRESSES THAT I NEED TO OWN.

Lastly. Look at this Kiki shirt. Look at it. I WAS SO MAD THAT IT DIDN'T FIT ARGH SO CUTE. We found this in Sunshine City, which is a HUGE MALL in Ikebukero that also has an aquarium, museum, and kiddy-playland thing inside.

SO THAT'S THAT FOR SHOPPING FOR NOW. Is there anything you want me to look for and snap pics of? Let me know! I will continue my shopping escapades. Also, next post is the food post. Yesssss.

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